Welcome to the Martin & Moral universe. We make drinks that tell stories.  We build drinks with soul.

We are a company from Spain with an international and passionate character.We have created a premium brand portfolio for each moment and place: singular spirits, liqueurs, cocktails.

Our passion is what we do. Our soul is how we do it.


Explore our more than 20 unique spirits and liquor brands.  Join as a distributor a company that is constantly being updated and discover new business opportunities.

Access new brands and trends. We offer you advertising support and help you promote the products with marketing, social networks and merchandising that will help you get new customers.


We think, define, create, develop and market unique beverages and brands for different people in different markets and channels.

The beverages we make and the brands we work with are a reflection of our past and the advancement of our future: Drinks with a soul that tell stories.

We have a great responsibility with those beverages and spirits that we produce and distribute: committed to what we do, consistent in how we do it, masters of our own destiny.

Unique spirits, liqueurs and mixers for different people.

NEGROPONTE liquor, Apiti appetizer, Limonero (limoncello) & Naranjero (orange), Mr Perkins premium tonic, The Fucking Boss cocktails, Glacier Gin the purest gin in the world, Authentic Native Rum the true essence of Panama

We are constantly on the move, adapting our drinks and spirits to changing markets.  We make unique drinks for different people every day. Are you in?


One thing has been clear to us for some time: the beverage market is changing fast. Aware of what is coming in the next few years, we built a lab & drink room, where we create and produce the drinks that will be consumed in the next few years.

At Martin & Moral we devote our lives to developing brands and drinks that will be consumed by all those people who feel unique and are looking for something different.


We are not just a company that creates unique drinks. We are much more. We seek new horizons beyond our borders.

We go beyond the ordinary by reinventing the world of spirits, soft drinks & mixers. We are building tomorrow’s drinks, developing products and brands with a soul for different consumption moments.



If you have any questions or need to contact us, fill in the contact form. We will be happy to meet your requests.

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